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Party Favors

Decorated cookies come in two sizes: full size and party favor size.  Party Favors are our smaller cookies and are around half the size of a full size cookie.  At under half the price of full size decorated cookies, Party Favors are often ordered for large gatherings like weddings receptions, birthdays, holiday parties, and showers.  They can come on trays or be wrapped individually.   Shown below is a sampling of the many styles we have done for others.  Call us and let us know the theme of your party and either we have examples that you can see or we can create something new for you.



    Little Man and Monogram


    Little Man

  • SheratonBright

    Logo florals - Ask us about your logo


    House Warming

  • Ballerina Favors


  • Pink and Gold Unicorn first Birthday

    Pink and Gold Unicorn

  • musicanddancekabob-with-large-cookie

    Music and Dance Kabob $10.50

  • Waffles


  • OwlsandFox

    Owls and Fox

  • PuppyFavors

    Puppy Faces

  • Wacky Hearts

    Wacky Hearts

  • westernengagement

    Western Engagement - Dots $6/dozen - Favors $3.75 each

  • purplecoralbridesmaids

    Bridesmaids favors $3.75 each - Heart dots $6/dozen - Message cookie $7.50

  • lularoecookies

    Rainbow Clothing Favors

  • alabamaassortmentfavors

    Assorted Alabama

  • farmanimals

    Farm Animals

  • Owls


  • 50thbirthdayarrangementfavor

    50th birthday assortment

  • 50thbirthdayindividualfavorsbright

    50th Birthday assortment detail

  • cowboyandspacecadetfavor

    Cowboy and Space Cadet

  • PrimaryBirthdayFavors

    Primary Birthday

  • ButterflyAndMushroomFavors

    Mushroom, Butterfly and Bunny

  • TealGreenBeautyPinkFavors

    Girly assorted favors

  • SummerTimeFavors

    summer time fun

  • RedBlackWhiteGradFavors

    Red, Black and White Graduation

  • Jungle Animal Favors

    Jungle Animal Favors

  • UnderTheSeaFavors

    Under the Sea

  • Nurse Favors

    Nurse Favors

  • NauticalFavors

    Nautical Favor Cookies

  • ParamedicThankYouFavorTray

    Thank you Paramedic Favor Tray

  • 50thAnniversaryFavors

    50th Wedding Anniversary

  • WeddingCoralAndGrayFavor

    Coral and gray wedding

  • WesternWeddingFavors

    Western Wedding

  • WinterWonderlandWeddingFavors

    Winter Wonderland Wedding

  • Texas Pride

    Texas Pride

  • Cupcakes


  • BackToSchoolFavorTray

    Back to School

  • HeartSportsFavors

    Heart Sports Favors

  • DinosaurFavors


  • Neon Floral

    Neon Floral

  • CupcakeAsstFavors

    Assorted cupcakes

  • Football Favors

    Football Favors

  • Circus Cookies

    Circus Favors

  • FlowerFavors

    Flower Favors

  • BamZapPowFavors

    Bam Zap Pow

  • Ind_BirthdayFavors

    Individual Birthday Message

  • TwinkleTwinkleStarGoldFavors

    White and Gold Twinkle

  • twinkletwinkle

    Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Favors

  • babyjackfavors

    Custom Baby Favors

  • Baby


  • Baby Favors

    Baby Favors

  • ReadyToPopGirlFavors

    Ready to Pop girl favors

  • ReadyToPopBoyFavor

    Ready to Pop Boy favors

  • Baby Boy Favors

    Baby Boy Favors

  • Baby Girl Favors

    Baby Girl Favors

  • TieFavors


  • TutuFavors


  • MartiniFavors


  • Wonderland Favors

    Wonderland Favors

  • TheKingsUniFavors

    Custom Kings University logo

  •  Baby Favor Names

    Baby Favor Names

  • makeupfavors

    Basic makeup favors

  • custom-pills

    Custom Pill favors

  • parisfavors

    Paris themed favors

  • pink-bows

    Pink Bows

  • pinkflower

    Pink flowers assorted favors

  • pinkzebraspafavor

    Custom 7th birthday cookie favors

  • turquoisechevroninitialfavor

    Chevron Initial

  • almafavors2

    New Valentines Favors

  • almafavors

    2017 Valentines Favors!

  • Birthday


  • Valentines Day

    Valentines Day

  • Love


  • Love


  • AssortedChristmasFavors

    Assorted Christmas

  • ChristmasKabobs

    Christmas Kabob

  • Christmas Light

    Christmas Light

  • HalloweenFavorTray

    halloween favors