Cookies by Design Arlington TX

(817) 861-1110

2131 N Collins St Suite 421
ArlingtonTexas  76011

Gourmets & Cookie Cakes

We mix all our cookie dough from scratch and hand scoop them.  They are baked fresh the day of delivery or pickup.  We have 8 different flavors and some seasonal cookies.


Our standard gourmets are:

Chocolate Chip: A traditional favorite.


Snicker Doodle: A time-honored cake cookie rolled in cinnamon and sugar.


Oatmeal Raisin: Soft oatmeal cookie made with cinnamon and plump raisins.


Peanut Butter: Old fashioned peanut butter cookie made with smooth peanut butter.


Decadent Chocolate: A decadent chocolate cookie with semisweet, milk, and white chocolate chips.


Millionaire: Crunchy oatmeal cookie with semisweet and milk chocolate chips with a hint of pecan.


White Chocolate Macadamia Pecan: Nothing else to say!


Red Velvet: A cookie flavored like the cake with added white chocolate chips.




Seasonal Flavors:

Lemonade : Available spring and summer


Pumpkin: Available fall

  • Bright HB

    Bright Confetti

  • Unicorn


  • RainbowCookieCake

    Rainbow Cookie Cake

  • BaseballHalfsheet

    Baseball Halfsheet

  • MotorcycleOverTheHillCookieCake

    Over The Hill Cookie Cake

  • FunWritingBirthdayCookieCake

    Fun Writing Birthday Cookie Cake

  • PeterPan

    Skyline Birthday

  • FortniteCookieCake

    Llama Cookie Cake

  • Gamer Cookie Cake

    Gamer Cookie Cake

  • GenderReveal

    Gender Reveal

  • JustBecauseFlowers

    Just Because Floral

  • Fancy Lettering Birthday

    Fancy Letter Birthday

  • PizzaCookieCake


  • WelcomeHome

    Welcome Home

  • ILY simple

    Simply Love

  • PaintballCookieCake

    Paintball halfsheet

  • Fire Dog

    Fire Dog

  • panda

    Panda Birthday Cake

  • custom-forest-animals

    Custom Forest Animals Cake

  • TurkeyCookieCake

    Turkey Cookie Cake

  • FallSceneCookieCake

    Fall Scene Cookie Cake

  • CandleCookieCake

    Birthday Candles

  • StethoscopeCookieCake

    Stethoscope Nurse Birthday

  • catanddogcookiecake

    Cat and Dog Cookie Cake

  • CatAndDogHalfSheet

    Duo Flavor Cat and Dog

  • LamarRedVelvetGraduationCookieCake

    Graduation Half Sheet

  • birthdaypoliticscookiecake

    Political Birthday

  • SwimmingSlideCookieCake

    Summertime swimming

  • TennisCookieCake


  • PajamaMasks

    Mask Birthday

  • CustomPaintingCookieCake


  • ArlingtonSoccerBirthday

    Arlington Soccer Birthday

  • GirlPC1Cookiecake

    Bright Birthday

  • HunterCookeCake


  • PinkOwlCookieCake

    Sparkle Owl

  • AnniversaryCookieCake

    Hispanic Anniversary

  • BaseBallCookieCake

    Custom Baseball

  • BeachCookieCake


  • BeerMugCookieCake


  • ButterflyandFlowerCookieCake

    Butterfly and Daisy

  • FiremanCookieCake


  • JungleBabyCookieCake

    Jungle Baby

  • 50's theme Halfsheet

    50's theme Anniversary Halfsheet

  • Jungle Baby Cookiecake

    Jungle Baby Birthday

  • 60thBirthdayCookieCake

    60th Birthday

  • IcedBaseballCookieCake

    Iced Baseball cookie cake

  • PinkFlowerBirthdayCookieCake

    Girly Floral Cookie Cake

  • StarCongratsHalfSht

    Congratulations Star Half Sheet

  • PoodleCookieCake

    Poodle Birthday Cookie Cake

  • ThankYouCookieCake

    Thank you Cookie Cake - Bright

  • ToadallyYoursCookieCake

    Toadally Yours

  • BeachCookieCake

    Beach Waves

  • happy-birthday-sht3 (1)

    Happy Birthday Sheet Cookie Cake - SHT3

  • Thank You Iced Cookie Cake - PC6

    Thank You Iced Cookie Cake - PC6

  • Cookies are good medicine w264

    Cookies are good medicine w264

  • Birthday Balloons Cookie Cake - PC16

    Birthday Balloons Cookie Cake - PC16